Governmentality thesis

Crises of Governmentality[ edit ] According to Foucault, there are several instances where the Western, "liberal art of government" enters into a period of crisis, where the logic of ensuring freedom which was defined against the background of risk or danger necessitates actions "which potentially risk producing exactly the opposite.

The technology of identity through consumption can be seen in the choices that face the gym attendee. He also includes the idea of government rationalities, seeing governmentality as one way of looking at the practices of government.

We design and act out our routine by ourselves. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. As the study captured an early stage of neoliberalisation in Tallinn University, assessment can also be seen as operating, in this context, as a more traditional technology of discipline: College admissions application essay decision making essay nursing profession brookes dissertation deadline for taxes.

In line with Hunt and Wickham's approach, Dean acknowledges that in a very narrow sense, governmentality can be used to describe the emergence of a government that saw that the object of governing power was to optimise, use and foster living individuals as members of a population [ This means that the concept of governmentality is not just a tool for thinking about government and governing but also incorporates how and what people who are governed think about the way they are governed.

Normalisation[ edit ] Another technology of power arising from the social sciences is that of normalisation. The semantic linking of governing and mentalities in governmentality indicates that it is not possible to study technologies of power without an analysis of the mentality of rule underpinning them.

These advertisements seek to convey the sense of individual satisfaction brought about by the purchase or use of this product. In this case, the notion of governmentality refers to societies where power is de-centered and its members play an active role in their own self-government, e.

Responsibilisation[ edit ] In line with its desire to reduce the scope of government e. Autonomy is about taking control of our undertakings, defining our goals, and planning to achieve our needs through our own powers [Rose, Freedom must ultimately be manufactured by control rather than simply "counterweighted" by it.

Mentality of rule[ edit ] A mentality of rule is any relatively systematic way of thinking about government. The study argues that student assessment is highly complex in neoliberalised universities: These two technologies are not always completely distinct, as both borrow bits of each other from time to time.


Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. Liberal freedom requires disciplinary techniques that manage the individual's behaviour and everyday life so as to ensure productivity and the increase in profit through efficient labour, e.

By adhering to the principles of healthism, our personal goals are aligned with political goals and we are thus rendered governable. degree, both Islamophobia literature, but also theories of governmentality. Thus departing from conventional understandings of Islamophobia,1 ‘institutional racism’2 and in some ways theories of governmentality,3 this thesis seeks to elucidate how Islamophobia is institutionalised in universities through processes of racialised governance.

QUANTIFY THIS: STATISTICS, THE STATE, AND GOVERNMENTALITY A Thesis submitted to the Faculty of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences of Georgetown University. governmentality, a technology of regulatory practice used to organize and control a citizenry.

This chapter will explain the relationship between governmentality and national statistics.

Student assessment in neoliberalised universities: issues of discipline and governmentality

Specifically, Foucault saw national statistics as being a means though which a government. Inspired by ‘Which thesis?’ we review, contrast and compare three key theoretical contributions relevant to penology, criminology and border control: Stump’s ‘crimmigration’ thesis, Bosworth and Guild’s adaptation of the ‘new penology’ perspective, and Krasmann’s critique of.


governmentality, biopolitics, and state sovereignty: the spatial dialectic production of uyghur during the ‘war on terror’ a thesis submitted. The governmentality thesis Alongside Beck’s realist approach, the social constructionist perspective advanced by Michel Foucault has generated significant ripples within criminology.

Despite current academic usage, Foucault did not put purposely put risk at the heart of his project.

Governmentality thesis
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